stacey2545's Journal

Broad Run High School - Ashburn VA (1997 - 2001)
Hollins University - Roanoke VA (2001 - 2005)
Interests: (102)
air force, alpaca, arabic, authors, belly dance, bicycling, bike commuting, books, buffy, camping, catherine mann, cats, cindy dees, circular needles, classical philology, cooking, csi, csi miami, dari, ddr, ethics, eureka, exercise, fantasy, farsi, feminism, finding faith, frazz, friends, gender studies, george r.r. martin, getting in shape, good eats, greek, herbs, heroes, herstory, history, hollins, islam, jacqueline carey, jag, karen armstrong, kelley armstrong, kitties, knitting, knitting socks, languages, latin, left-handedness, linguistics, linkin park, lio, little mosque, llama, losing weight, marliss melton, mase training, massage, massage therapy, mediterranean food, merline lovelace, middle east, middle eastern food, military, minority rights, modesty, murdoch mysteries, music, mythology, nature, organics, reading, red river, rolfing, romance novels, running, sci fi, science fiction, sensuality, sociology, socks, sonoma diet, soundtracks, stargate, steampunk, stone sour, strength, sushi, suzanne brockmann, tamora pierce, the big bang theory, true blood, victoriana, war movies, women in combat, women in the military, women in uniform, wool, yarn, yarn harlot, yoga
"If one man taking one step on the moon proved mankind is capable of space exploration- why don't thousands of women fighting in hundreds of wars over 6,000 years prove that women are capable of serving in combat?" -

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